Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Repo & Dr Horrible Auditions

Auditions August 13, 2011

Repo & Dr. Horrible Auditions to take place August 13th (Saturday) from 2-4pm at the Sierra 2 Center (2791 24th Street, Sacramento) in Room 11. This is an open call.

Open roles for REPO!: Nathan Wallace/Repo Man, Henchwoman, Marnie, Head Gentern, Rotti Largo.
Open roles for Dr. Horrible: Penny, Captain Hammer, Female Reporter, Male Bad Horse Chorus.
Audition Procedures & Criteria

Auditions will be held on a one-by-one basis. Each attendee should come with:
    * A prepared monologue (no longer than two minutes)
    * A resume of applicable experience (please note that 6 months experience in theatre or another form of performance is required)
    * A prepared song to perform from another musical stage performance.
    * An 8x10 headshot

You will be given an actor's profile to fill out and give to the director when their name is called, along with your headshot and resume.

Final decisions are made the week following the casting call. At this time each person will be contacted by email to either offer a role, or tell them the position has been filled.

In the event of a main actor leaving the cast, either voluntarily or involuntarily, their understudy will immediately take over the role by default. For this reason, in order to qualify as a main role or understudy, you must be over 18 and sign a one season (one year) contract.

Current and Previous Cast Member Policy

If you are an existing cast member and would like to audition for a new part or a promotion within the cast, please follow all criteria above.

Cast members who are no longer active due to involuntary termination because of conduct or no-call-no-show policy may NOT re-audition.

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